REAL: Life is filled with its struggles, its questions, its worries and its joys. At LifeSpring it is our commitment to be “real” about life. While we don’t pretend that life is easy, we believe that Jesus Christ can make the difference from just surviving day to day life to bringing real joy, peace, and contentment into our lives. We don’t pretend that following Jesus will keep us from struggles or hardships, but we do believe that He can make a “real” difference in how we face them. Our goal in teaching and discipleship is not just to impart Biblical truths, but to seek to allow those truths to have “real” impact in our lives.

RELEVANT: In an age where change is happening faster than a blink of an eye, we are committed to being relevant in our teaching, in our worship styles, in our music and in our ministries. Christ’s truths are timeless and not just applicable to an ancient society, but they are very relevant for today. We believe following Christ will bring about life transformation that will impact marriages, families and neighborhoods; therefore our teaching reflects the relevant nature of Christ’s truths about how to live.

CHURCH: We are family here. For us church is more than a building or a destination.  It is a group of people, a community, that functions like a family. We hold each other as we cry, as we laugh together, as we play, as we encourage one another and as we walk this journey of life. We were not meant to live alone, God designed us to live in community and here we call that community “The Church”.

Spend a few moments getting to know our mission (why we are here), our core values (what we hold as important), our vision (what we hope to become) and our ministries (the programs we have in place to help Christ’s followers grow). If you have questions, you are always welcome to send one of our pastors an e-mail or give our church a call. We would be excited to get to know you and welcome you into our community.