Core Values


We have three primary objectives or core values that drive everything we do. These three values, when pursued with a spirit of excellence, allow us to accomplish our mission.

Life in Christ:
We do not exist for ourselves!  We exist to be the life-giving body of Jesus Christ that reaches out to a hurting and dark world.  It is our desire to see all generations experience the Spring of Life that Jesus offers.

Man, left on his own, seems to continually thirst for more.  We attempt to fill ourselves and our time with pleasure, work, careers and leisure, but all of these pursuits seem to leave us empty and attempting to attain more.  Jesus said that He is the “Spring of eternal life,” and he who drinks of this spring will never thirst again.  It is our desire at LifeSpring to show our community this treasured spring of life and walk with them as they discover “Life in Christ.”

Circle of Life

Life in Community: Jesus stated in his great mandate to the church that we are to “go and make disciples.”  Disciple-making is not just a past-time for us at LifeSpring… it is our passion. Discipleship is all about having a vibrant relationship with Christ, where we can grow in that relationship  among others in Christ’s community, the church.  We believe the Christian life is not about rites and rituals, church attendance, and following certain laws or rules, but is fundamentally about a relationship… a relationship with the real person of Jesus Christ who has the power to forgive, to save, and to transform.  We believe that when a person discovers Jesus and he or she begins drinking of Christ’s living water, it is only the beginning of an exciting lifelong journey.  We strive to fulfill the great calling of the church, to help people of all races, ages, backgrounds, and cultures discover and grow in that relationship with Jesus.

Life of Service: The mission of the church is not to care only for its own.  While the discipleship side focuses inward to help the church community grow in Christ, the result of that growth inevitably leads back out to the world around us.  Our world hurts in so many ways.  Sadly, families are disintegrating in divorce, children and teens are being ignored, women are being abused, people are going hungry, and the list goes on.  It is our desire to make a real difference in the lives of others around us, and we believe we are called to serve by giving them “a cup of cold water” in Jesus’ name.  The person who has truly come to know Jesus is not able to turn a blind eye to the pain in our world.  At LifeSpring we are a body of believers who embrace that teaching and are compassionately oriented toward a life of service to others.

These three objectives form a continuous circle of life.  As we lead people to Christ and as they are discipled in spiritual maturity, they will in turn engage the world in service and the cycle begins again.  Our core values at LifeSpring Community Church center on these three main objectives.