Our History

AllAboutLifeSpringLifeSpring Community Church officially began ministry May 31, 1998. The first public worship service was held September 20th of the same year.  LifeSpring was born through the providence of God when an unusual series of events brought together a core group of people with a desire to conceive an evangelical Bible-based church.  The people were of various backgrounds, but their love for one another and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ compelled them to go forward.  With guidance from former Pastor Chris Dyer and District Superintendent Jeffrey Mansell, the core group joined The Wesleyan Church and began its journey toward official organization.

After meeting in homes, holding organizational meetings and many weeks of prayer, the church launched with 32 committed people.  The official “Kick Off” service was held with only 78 in attendance.  Since that time, the church purchased 9 acres of property on Lester Road in Valley City, and in the spring/summer of 2006 started phase one of building a new multi-purpose worship facility.  On December 24, 2006, LifeSpring held its first service in their permanent home in Valley City.

After 13 great years of ministry, Pastor Chris resigned to take up the leadership reigns of a new church in Newark, Ohio.  In 2012, Pastor John Baker from St. Paul, Minnesota became the second pastor of LifeSpring Community Church.  Pastor John brings leadership skills which will allow the church to move beyond its church planting mindset and move fully into an established vibrant church.  He brings an enthusiasm for the gospel and a desire to raise up Godly leaders who will be able to take the church boldly into the future.

LifeSpring’s name is derived from Scripture.  In the Gospel of John, chapter four, Jesus met a woman from Samaria who came to draw water from a well.  From what we read, she was a woman who lived a difficult and empty life.  Knowing this, Jesus offered her a drink of what He referred to as “living water”.  When the woman questioned Him concerning this water, He said, “…whoever drinks this water I give him will never thirst.  Indeed, the water I give him will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life”.  In John, chapter seven, Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me, streams of living water will flow from within him”.  In Jesus we find the Spring of Life!  He is the Life-Giver.  John, chapter ten, verse ten, proclaims that Jesus came that we might “have LIFE and have it more abundantly”.  This is the great message of LifeSpring Community Church.