Our Vision

AllAboutLifeSpringHave you ever attended a concert, wedding, or big ball game where everyone there was excited to be there and anticipating all that would happen?  What if church could be more like that?  We believe not only that it can but it should be.  As followers of Jesus Christ we have more to be excited about then our team winning the big game.   We desire to see our part of God’s church so healthy that it is the best place to be because every week something new, something exciting, something special is taking place as we partner with God to see His Kingdom come.

While our mission never changes and our core value seldom shift the way in which we see these working out into the everyday life of the church (our vision) is always morphing so that we can be the best church we can be to reach our culture for Jesus Christ. What follows is a bit of our vision, our hope  as to what we can become at LifeSpring Church:

Life in Christ
New people are joining our church and coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior on a regular basis
Great events are leading people to make decisions for Jesus Christ
Worship is inspiring and opening up the doors for people to find Christ
New believers are out numbering seasoned believers

Life in Community
Every person in our church has a special place to belong
Vibrant small group (Life Group) ministries abound
People of the church are constantly and consistently walking through our Circle of Life process, growing with each pass
People are being trained to be wise stewards of all of their resources and learning how to be financially stable
Worship inspires our people to live out their faith in Jesus in everyday as it is practical, relevant, and real

Life in Service
Every person has been trained and equipped for ministry
Every person within our church is actively engaged in ministry either inside or outside of our church to help build a better Valley City community
New leaders are constantly being developed to lead new ministries from our church

This is just a little glimpse of our vision.  BUT THE BIGGEST PART OF OUR VISION – INCLUDES YOU!  We may not know you yet, but we would love to!  We are a place that you will feel right at home as you discover and grow in your spiritual journey.