Life Groups

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Our purpose: The purpose behind our Life Groups is simple. We want to connect, cultivate and commission.

CONNECt new and existing people into a relationship in order to move from knowing about someone to knowing them personally.

CULITVATE a discipleship DNA that enables spiritual growth, deeper faith in Christ, and empowers multiplication.

COMMISION leaders into ministry, service to their community, and to the pursuit of a missional lifestyle.


Discipleship (Matthew 28: 19-20) – The mark of a disciple is when a person can go and disciple another person. In small groups we encourage the development and radical pursuit of becoming more like Jesus. Small groups serve as a launch point for discipleship groups and one on one discipleship.

Multiplication– The DNA of small groups is multiplication. In order for the Kingdom to grow, groups needs to multiply. When a small group becomes large enough or another leader has been trained, that group should naturally birth another group. We set our sights on having a transforming presence in every zip code in our community.

Apprenticeship– Nothing is more satisfying than walking along side someone in order to help them reach their full potential and then release them on a mission. In order to make multiplication a reality, each leader of a small group needs to identify, recruit, and apprentice potential leaders. At the end of two semesters or if a group has reached its full capacity, the apprentice takes over the current group and the former leader starts a new group. Thus, multiplying into another group.

Missional (Acts 1:8) – Because small groups embody community, our aim is to live a life of service with an emphasis on sharing our faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to find real needs within in our community and meet them, but also be looking for opportunities to engage in spiritual conversations.

Scripture based (2 Timothy 3:16-17)-Everything we think, say, and do as a small group stands on the firm foundation of the Word of God. We read regularly, faithfully, and expectantly each time we open his book.

Prayer Focused (Ephesians 6:18)- Prayer will be the regular, visible engine of our small groups. We will always being adoring, confessing, thanking, asking, and lifting each other up in prayer.

Relational (1 Thessalonians 2:7–8)- Our first commitment is outward. We will be intentional about building new relationships with people who are unchurched or dechurched. Every week will work to know each other more deeply by sharing our hearts, lives, burdens with one another. We will be persistent learners of one another. We will help each other thrive by loving, serving, and encouraging one another.


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It is our goal that we become more and more like Christ every day. So, our pursuit of this goal can take on different avenues in our spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is: the inward process of becoming more like Christ. We believe that our Life Groups are not all the same. We have 3 very distinctive types within our church: Discovery, Target, and Discipleship, which I will define below. Keep in mind, that our pursuit in spiritual formation should always lead us to discipleship, an outward process. It is outward because it focuses on other people and not our own spiritual development. Ideally, we would like to see people involved in only 1 of these groups at a time, so we can best serve Christ and the Kingdom.

Discovery Groups– These groups are your basic 101’s. They introduce a person to the mission and vision of LifeSpring, and equip people for baptism and membership. The primary target is the unchurched and new believers.

Target Groups– These groups are typically topical in nature. Did you know that nearly all our groups are Target Groups? This indicates that we need to not only focus on expanding our discovery groups, but for those who are mature in their faith, we need to equip and release them into a discipleship relationship.

Discipleship Groups (D-GROUPS)- The mark of a disciple is when you can go make another disciple. We cannot have a transforming presence in our community if we are not making disciples. Our discipleship groups are an investment. The entire process takes 12-18 months, with the end goal of each person going to form their own discipleship group of 3-4 people. Within the groups, we focus on reading/studying Scripture, accountability, and praying for the lost. On the highest level, discipleship groups happen one on one. However, to best use our time and energy, it is recommended to take part in a group. Typically, a person who engages in a discipleship relationship should already have come to faith in Christ and are eager to pursue Holiness.