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Mini-Golf Design a Hole Guidelines

How the winning hole will be chosen:
As each mini-golf player comes in to play they will be given 3 tokens in which they can vote on their favorite 3 holes.  At the end of the night, the hole with the most votes win.

Course set-up:
The golf course rules are simple, you have to start your ball on the tee pad, go through the obstacle, and end in the hole.  We will play without boundaries on the holes (unless you want to add boundaries/rails to your hole.

The tee and the hole or cup will be provided for you and put in place for your hole.  You have to design the obstacle.  If it is to be mechanical, remember we have limited access to outlets and/or you will have to bring plenty of batteries to run it the entire night.  If you need to plug your obstacle in, be sure to chose a hole next to the outer worship center walls or along the stage.

The obstacle should be no more than 4 foot in width and 8 foot in length.  The entry point to your obstacle must be along the 4 foot in width side.

There are many ideas of DYI mini-golf holes on pinterest and Google.

Mike Yurik is also getting a lot of cardboard paper ream boxes from his work that will be available on Tuesday night for anyone to use to help construct their hole.

The first hole will be at the archway in the foyer and play will progress through the holes into the worship center.  Hole 9 will end at the café where families can take a break and get something to eat.  Holes 10-18 will then lead them out of the worship center and back down the hall to the foyer.  There they can submit their score card for the competition.

If we have a tie, we will simply draw from the lowest scores for the each of the prizes.

Hole Construction Times
We will have the church open on Tuesday night (May 3rd) if you would like to come out to construct your hole with others.  We may go together and order some pizza for the night if everyone wants.

Hole Set-Up:
The church will be open on Friday night from 4:00-7:00 and Saturday morning from 9:00 to Noon for you to get your hole in place.  We will follow the map and have all the holes numbered with tees and holes in place.  We will also have a “hole supervisor” here during those times to help you locate where your hole should be placed and to answer any questions you may have about how to set-up your hole.   Your obstacle should fit between the tee and the hole. Please come with your hole pre-prepared as there will not be enough time to design and build your whole hole during these two set-up time frames.

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