Barbara J. Cereshko

Administrative Assistant

I’m Barb(ie) Cereshko, Administrative Assistant & Charter Member here at LifeSpring.  I found my relationship with Christ back in 1996 and my life was forever changed.  Going through many obstacles to get this far in my life, have no doubt been challenging but I could not have done it without knowing Jesus Christ.  He is my rock & savior.  I’ve been at LifeSpring from the start in 1998 where I became Treasurer and still am today.  After meeting at several locations, we finally built our church building in 2006.  I love what I do and the gifts God has given me to help LifeSpring succeed.  LifeSpring wants to help people become followers of Jesus Christ. Because . . .  Jesus Christ is worthy of our trust and deserves our worship.  He is everything God required and He is everything we could want.  Serving Christ brings satisfaction and joy to life in the church; we get to do what we do best, and make friends and help others all at the same time.  Following Christ is exciting, you realize that you matter to God and that what you do counts for something big.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Mark, for 36 years.  We have been blessed with a daughter (28), twin sons (27), and an amazing granddaughter (3mos). And the fun part about life, God will still continue to bless us !!